Iroquoia Trail Test 32 km
on the Bruce Trail
August 19, 2000
Kilbride, Ontario

Set 1 photos by Esmond Mah
Set 2 

click any photo for larger view

Photos 1 to 18
9:45 to 10:15 - some of the faster runners
between kms 19 and 20
Dom Repta Ryne Melcher Allan Magi Ted Nagowski Tim Kotilehti
Keith Peters Ronald Peddle Keith Mercer Zeljko Srnic Gilles Deman
Paul Sweezie Jamie Driscoll Tim Michael _it14_ Henri Ragetlie
  Stephen Walker Brad Wilson _it18_  
Photos 19 to 36
10:15 to 10:30 at the top of the climb where
the Blue Trail meets the Main Trail, km ~19
Frank Dejak George Sarson Erin Shapcott Tony Robinson, Jane McLeod Joe Hewitt
Arnold Blumenthal, Jeff Cooper Dave Canners _it26_ Steve Govier, Ron Gehl Bruce Pellow
Aine O'Flyn Allan Williams Aaron Sigut, Sean Moriarty _2189_ Jim Beaudoin
  Keith Niall Vincent Charbonneau, Ellie Arruda Trevor Arndt  
Photos 37 to 77
Most of these photos were taken between 10:40 and 11:30
on the trail between kms 21 and 24
Herb Broome Hans Maier   Tim Krug John Taylor
Margaret Shelvey _it41_ Mike Perozak Jess Heroux _it45_
_it46_ Stephen Walker, Henri Ragetlie Mark Mannering, Brad Wilson Shelly Willmemse, Nadine Devin Rick McDowell
Tony Martin Rea Athey, David Harper Jeff Cooper, Arnold Blumenthal Dennis Swan Suzanne Grant, Rita Barrie
Martina Orth-Demczyszyn Bob White Marion Landry Scott Ritchie Clara Northcott
Daryl Howse-Jones Virginia Govier, Jennifer Dick Joel Forthuber, Wendy McClymont Ann Fleming Sonya Brons
Bill Lafferty Sharon Hewitt Judy Eaton Alex Cowie Mitzi Paquette
Joe Cleary Brendan Keenoy _it73_ _it74_ Robyn Chambers
  Donna Dupont   Thomas Needham, Ted Durrant  

Race Results

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